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Probe writes,

> That's what I meant by "Variants", i.e., "Color/Equipment Variations",
>you know? By new "Design" I mean: The Gundam, the Zaku-II, the Gelgoog,
>the Zeta, GP-01, GP-02 and the Mk.II, pretty much everything else is a
>variation on these. (You know, would it have killed them to do a Zetaplus
>Gundam? After all, they've got the internal frame done already!)

  Sure, but point me to a single piece that could be repurposed without
modification. The waist segments, maybe? The hands? Um...

> I'll actually be kinda upset if they do a Gelgoog-JG now, after I've
>already given up and bought the Gelgoog-C MG kit...

  As with the GM dilemma, the Okawara redesign of the JG pretty much
precludes adapting it into a satisfactory Jaeger. The new skirt armor on
the A-type Gelgoog was clearly designed to help out people who wanted to
kitbash it into a Gelgoog Marine, but after that you're on your own.

> I certainly hope so! But frankly, there really isn't alot of stuff for
>it since the MS itself never did a whole lot. Maybe a giant poison gas
>tank for it? (Laughs)

  Actually, you do see a Zaku I with a poison gas rocket launcher in a
flashback in episode 7 of 08th MS Team...

> I wonder if it's possible to muck-with or modify the ankle joints at all
>easily? It does look kinda tight from the pictures I've seen though.
>(Grumble). I wonder what I can do with it... Are the Knees at least

  The knees are okay, but those ankles are gonna give you trouble.

> So the puke-green isn't as "Pukey" as I've heard? Hee hee! How's the red
>they used on the body?

  The green color is, as I think I mentioned before, pretty much identical
to the aqua used on the Gundam Griepe and Gunblaster. The red is a sort of
cherry-red, less crimson than the color you typically see on Gundams. I
like the colors, personally.

> So how did they do it? Is there a 'camera panel' behind the clear visor?

  There's a detailed visor plate that goes behind the visor, but it's cast
in dark gray plastic, so it's hard to see without the right light and
viewing angle.

> Yeah, it seems like they've just thrown it out the window and gone
>whole-hog to the full linear frame motif! Oh well... any electronic lights
>and stuff?

  I think the mono-eye is supposed to light up.

> Is it 'hatched' to the same dizzying extent that the Gundam is? That
>wrist joint is pretty interesting, now your Zaku can do push-ups!

  Yep, exactly. As for the hatches... I recall seeing hatches for the knee
and elbow blocks, the backs of the calves, the top of the head, the chest,
pelvis, and backpack... perhaps it's not quite as hatch-riddled as the
Gundam, or perhaps it has more on the torso and fewer on the limbs.

-- Mark

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