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Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Mon, 22 Mar 1999 19:46:11 -0700 (MST)

> >but you've gotta admit, it's a very plain looking robot.
> Sure, but I love it nonetheless. I note that every SD toy of the Zaku I
> replicates Gadem's famous shoulder-first charging pose, just as everyone

  Hey, that's my favorite pose with my Zak-FZ robot, which is flexible
enough to do it really well. Actually, you'll note that in that pose, if
you do it right, the Zaku's central shoulder spike is pointing straight
out! (Which means its shoulder-shield makes alot more sense.)

> loves to recreate the GM-gouging manuever performed by Char's Zugok... I
> think Japanese fans have a lot of affection for the classic mobile suits.

  GRIN. Nostalgia!

> >fully removable armor segments, and then we had variants, but every new
> >design had some kind of new modelling gimmick which made it unique.
> Well, you can't say that about the G-3 Gundam or the black Gundam Mk.II.
> I admit that Char's Zaku, Johnny Ridden's R-2 Zaku, the Gelgoog Cannon and

  That's what I meant by "Variants", i.e., "Color/Equipment Variations",
you know? By new "Design" I mean: The Gundam, the Zaku-II, the Gelgoog,
the Zeta, GP-01, GP-02 and the Mk.II, pretty much everything else is a
variation on these. (You know, would it have killed them to do a Zetaplus
Gundam? After all, they've got the internal frame done already!)

> A-type Gelgoog all had at least a couple of unique props and weapons, but I
> don't mind Bandai milking the existing designs a bit. Frankly, I'm kinda
> annoyed they haven't done an MG Prototype Gundam yet.

  Yeah, that IS kind of surprising, since they seem to be going back and
doing "Part Variations" as well as color variations. It's kinda disturbing
that they're re-doing Zaku variants though, I mean, we've gotten what,
FOUR different Zaku variation kits already? (And that's not counting the
abyssmal crystal kits!)
  I'll actually be kinda upset if they do a Gelgoog-JG now, after I've
already given up and bought the Gelgoog-C MG kit...

> > But the Zak-I? What could they possibly do with it that hasn't already
> Pretty much just the 105mm machine gun. I think the inclusion of a
> bazooka would be pretty mandatory, too.
  I certainly hope so! But frankly, there really isn't alot of stuff for
it since the MS itself never did a whole lot. Maybe a giant poison gas
tank for it? (Laughs)

> >flexible as the Mk.II? Is the core-block cool?
> It's pretty much equivalent to the MG Gundam, with limited waist
> mobility, reasonably good shoulder and arm articulation, and a pretty
> limited range of leg motion (thanks to the lame ankle joints, which make it

  I wonder if it's possible to muck-with or modify the ankle joints at all
easily? It does look kinda tight from the pictures I've seen though.
(Grumble). I wonder what I can do with it... Are the Knees at least

> hard to balance the kit in any kind of interesting pose). The core block
> rocks, the colors are great, and the visor detailing is pretty nifty

  So the puke-green isn't as "Pukey" as I've heard? Hee hee! How's the red
they used on the body?

> (although very subtle - you have to view it from just the right angle).

  So how did they do it? Is there a 'camera panel' behind the clear visor?
I went out and bought some of the WAVE "Sensor Eye"s in anticipation of
this kit so I can make little cameras behind the visor if needed!

> Bonus points for the forearm shield mount, which prevents the GM from
> constantly dropping its shield.

  Cool! I take it that the Gundam didn't have this nifty feature? Neato!

> >they would do it in 0083 Zaku-F2 style!
> Nope, no such luck. Maybe they reckoned it didn't need fixing as badly as

  Or they just got lazy or something.

> the MG Gundam design. Based on the April hobby mags, the internal mechanics
> are very similar to those of the PG Gundam (and even the Japanese fans are
> grumbling about Bandai's disregard for the monocoque construction motif).

  Yeah, it seems like they've just thrown it out the window and gone
whole-hog to the full linear frame motif! Oh well... any electronic lights
and stuff?

> For the first time, they've recreated the Zaku's classic sliding chair,
> with a cockpit hatch on the left side of the chest and a console on the

  Cool! I guess it's finally big enough that they can do it!

> right - you can even pull off the head and look straight down into the

  Now that IS pretty neato!

> cockpit. Other goodies include a wrist joint that lets the Zaku bend its
> hand back 90 degrees, and the usual array of pop-out hatches.

  Is it 'hatched' to the same dizzying extent that the Gundam is? That
wrist joint is pretty interesting, now your Zaku can do push-ups!

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