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Mark Simmons (
Mon, 22 Mar 1999 15:59:40 -0800

All I can say is that I've always wanted an MG Zaku I, and I'm glad
Bandai's doing one. And yes, it's less trouble than doing any more GMs, in
large part because Okawara bungled the Gundam base design so badly that
it's almost impossible to reconcile the MG Gundam parts with any of the
known GM variants.

  As for the Zaku, we can rule out the Marine Type and Zaku Cannon, since
every part of the mobile suit's body is changed. The Desert Zaku at least
has the same arms, thighs and feet, and the head and torso are only
slightly altered. By the same token, the Gouf would require radical
reworking - only the feet and upper arms could be recycled - but I suspect
Bandai would make the effort...

> PS: Does anyone know how well the GM is selling in Japan? Has anyone
>from this ML built their MG GM yet? Is it good?

  Can't speak to sales, but I built mine and I love it. Then again, I'm
into the classic series nostalgia kick.

-- Mark

P.S. What gets me is the PG Zaku. Katoki did a great job reworking the
Gundam, but the PG Zaku is just the MG version writ large; all they did was
correct the cockpit and fix the machine gun. Ah well, saves me $200...!

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