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Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Mon, 22 Mar 1999 16:42:18 -0700 (MST)

> > Typical Bandai really... they ALWAYS beat a horse to death if they think
> Well, why should they get away with it? I think we should vote with our
> wallet! I can't imagine any Gundam fans listing Zaku I on top of their

  Well, frankly, I will vote with my wallet and not get it. It might be
true that it may discourage Bandai from making more MGs, and I'm sorry for
that, but I'll be damned if I'm going to cough up money for a kit I don't
really want! Bandai is not a Charity!
  I mean, would it KILL Bandai to make a GM-N or a GM-II variation on the
GM? I mean, what the hell, it takes less modification to make a GM-II
(just new leg armors and gun) than it does to make the Zak-I, and we've
never gotten to see the GMII in a good model/toy, and it sure has a
helluvalot more screen time than the old Zak-I! Not just that, there are
tons more GM variants that could be made with such a kit.
  But the Zak-I? I mean, not even a "Desert Zaku" or that cool
"Zaku-Cannon", but a Zak-I?!? What were they THINKING? Would it have been
SO hard to make a MG Gouf instead? This is what I really can't understand,
after all, the Gouf seems to be one of the most popular designs among
Japanese fans... but the Zak-I!? Who's idea was THAT!?

> wish list. And what kind of new gimmicks can they put on Zaku I that the
> Zaku II's don't have? Perhaps a heat-progressive-knife, a heat-trident, a
> heat-mace? Or a heat-bow-and-arrows?

  If Bandai's current trends hold true, it will come with a 105mm
machine-gun, and a heat hawk, and that's it. Whatever happened to the
original MG kit days when the mecha seemed to come with every weapon the
robot had ever used?

> And they have to waste energy in this kind of things too. Sure the parts
> are mostly the same, but they have to write up the manual, do a new box
> art, marketing, distribution, accounting. I suspect they have to sell

  It's true, it's a huge waste of money. Are they really that unable to
try anything new? I wonder if it's because of the asian market collapse of
the last few months? (Bandai can't afford to build substantially different
molds right now?)

> quite a few to break even. Perhaps if they lose money over the Zaku I,
> somehow it will encourage them to get on with MG Dom.

  Unlikely. It's MORE likely to encourage them to _give_up_ on the Dom.
Hold your breath, here comes endless Gundam variants!


  PS: Does anyone know how well the GM is selling in Japan? Has anyone
from this ML built their MG GM yet? Is it good?

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