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Djallel Zouita asks,

> I know this might sound a bit picky but I have a question: when does the
> part of the Original series in Side 6 take place? (episodes 33 and 34
> IIRC) That would have to be around 0079, December 15th, wouldn't it?
> Now, When does the Cyclops Team arrive in Libot? That should be around
> the same time. So, how come we don't see at any moment in 0080 the White
> Base getting rid of those 12 Rick Doms in 3 minutes?
> I know those events don't take place in the same colony but yet, it's
> still the same Side. So, does this mean episodes 33 and 34 of the first
> series take place during the first half of December?

  As it happens, I've recently contemplated this very question. Here are my
thoughts on the Side 6 synchronicity...

First, the timing of the White Base's visit. The White Base is reported to
have launched from Jaburo on December 14, in advance of the main Federation
fleet. (This date seems to have started off as a typo for December 4, so
it's up to you whether you want to credit the extra ten days to a Jaburo
stopover or a Side 6 vacation.) The Battle of Solomon took place on
December 24, ten days later. Figure three days from Earth to Side 6, two
days from Side 6 to the Side 5 rendezvous point (as per the classic One
Year War map), and two more days from Side 5 to the Side 1 neighborhood
where Solomon is located. Thus...

  December 14 White Base launches from Jaburo
  December 17 White Base docks at Side 6
  December 20 White Base leaves Side 6, battling Conscon's fleet en route
  December 22 White Base reaches Texas Colony in Side 5
  December 24 Battle of Solomon begins

  ...or something like that.

Now, on to 0080. Since the video series very explicitly accounts for the
passage of each day of Al's adventures - including two days, clearly a
weekend, where he has no school and gets to hang out with the Cyclops team
full-time - it's easy to peg each day to a specific date. Here's what I
figure based on the animation...

  December 14 Shuttle containing Alex arrives at Revo, spotted by Al
  December 15 Zeons attack Revo, Bernie obtains Al's video footage
  December 16 Bernie joins Cyclops team, Operation Rubicon begins
  December 17 Bernie enters Revo during Zeon attack, Al joins Cyclops
  December 18 Al & Bernie find secret base, Zeons kicked out of Side 6
  December 19 Cyclops team prepare bombs and weapons caches
  December 20 Kaempfer attack, Cyclops team wiped out
  December 21 Commander Killing plans nuclear attack
  December 22 Al and Bernie begin restoration of wrecked Zaku
  December 23 Al and Bernie obtain remaining weapons caches
  December 24 Restored Zaku is fully operational
  December 25 Exciting climax

  Note that there's a substantial time lag between the Cyclops attack that
fails to stop the shuttle launch (December 9, according to the Shindosha
timeline) and the shuttle's arrival at Revo. This trip should take only
three days, not five.

  I suggest that the first couple of events listed above can be moved
forward a couple of days, allowing more time for Bernie's trip back to
Granada and then back to Revo - a trip that should take more than a day
each way, not the dozen or so hours allowed by the above timeline. We can
move the shuttle's arrival ahead to December 12, and the first Zeon attack
to December 13, without distorting the story; if December 17 and 18 are the
weekend, then December 12 would still be a school day, in accordance with
episode 1.

Okay, so we've established our Gundam and Gundam 0079 timelines. What does
this tell us?

  The White Base's arrival at Side 6 should come on or about December 17,
the same day that Bernie pilots his camouflaged shuttle into Revo under
cover of a Zeon raid. The White Base departs Side 6 on or around December
20, when the Cyclops team launch their ill-fated attack on the base where
the Alex is being prepped. Since the White Base was forced out of Side 6
under pressure from the Side's government, it may have simply been unable
to wait around long enough to collect the Alex. Perhaps that's why the Troy
Horse arrives at Revo the same day - to pick up the new Gundam and ferry it
to the Solomon battlefield.

  As for the famed battle between Amuro and Conscon's fleet, this would
fall on or around December 20, when Al and his neighbors are somewhat
distracted by the Kaempfer's rampage. However, the TV series depicts an
earlier clash when the White Base attempts to dock with a private space

  If this earlier conflict was likewise reported in the Side 6 media, it
might explain why Al's classmates are all gabbing about the Gundam when he
returns to school on December 19. After all, just a week before they didn't
believe the Federation even had mobile suits; clearly, something happened
in the interim to turn them into Gundam fans...

-- Mark

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