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>>7. Most realistic portrayal of the tragedy of Mobile suit warfare:
>> The scene in F91 where an innocent mother dies instantly when
>> she's hit on the head by an shell casing jettisoned from an F71
>> autocannon.
>heheh, now I HAVE to see Gundam F91. I hope animevilage brings more gundam
>stuff over here. (Zeta Gundam, anyone?) Hope you guys don't think its wrong
>that I find that funny, but if a 50-meter tall Mobile Suit wielding gigantic
>autocannons was anywhere near me, I'd be outta there faster than a uh...
>somethin or other.

What do you think she was doing? Standing there with a baby in her arms
yelling "Oh! Oh! Kill me! Kill me!". Yeah, you see stupid people standing
around in all sorts of movies, but trust me, this is not one of those times.

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