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<< Now I'm beginning to realize something. Way back when the HG were THE
 but after a while they got kinda generic and lost their appeal. So then they
 created the MG which ruled, but now they want to burn us out on them so that
 we are all forced to buy a new PG every month to satisfy our cravings. Then
 all they have to do is throw out the occasional rumor of a non-recycled MG
 to keep us pacified. This sucks!! >>

Yeah, it sure does. I had a hard enough affording the MG kits. If thats what
Bandai is thinking, its not good for us Gundam Modellers. The PG kits are
greuling, not to mention the price if they give every popular Gundam and Zeon
mecha the PG treatment. The MG kits are complex, but are not greuling like the
PG. I liked the PG kits alot, but are too expensive to buy if two come out
year. The PG kits size is cool, but is just a little too big to have a bunch
of them.

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