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        (sorry, this is a bit late in replying - was busy buying up
Gundam tapes and watching Gundam Wing - "You can trust me. After all,
I'm a Gundam pilot... " - at a UK anime con... )

>On Fri, 19 Mar 1999, Justin Palmer wrote:
>> How about this? Maybe Bandai should introduce a Zoids like
>> Gundam kit line? (Tomy did something like this with Z-Knights). Wind Up
>> Gundam, anyone? ^_^

        <ow... I'm deaf... ^_^> How could I ever forget? ^_^
>Sorry for the shouting, but I used to love ZOID, after I got Iron Kong
>for Christmas when I was 3rd Grade. Ah, my dear old pals, Ultrasaurus,
>Bear Fighter, Iron Kong...

        I always wanted the Godzilla Zoid - known as Zoidzilla in the
UK! A good Zoid website can be found at:
, which has some pictures from the Zoids artbooks!

>This toy/model, if you never seen it, was a modeller's dream come true.
>While it kept the appearance of the model of animal/dinosaur armed to the
>teeth, it also moved with cool gimmicks, either by eletric motor or wind
        Plus, quite a few parts were interchangeable! can you imagine a
Zoid - like Zaku with the arms from say, a GP-02a? ^_^ Z-Knights had a
couple of designs that could have walked off a Gundam series, and used
similar technology to Zoids, so it can be done!

> Tomy used to publish a book called "Zoid
>History" every year, which told the story with diolamas, and kitbashes.

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