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> Subject: Re: [gundam] From whose point of view....
> > Ah, the perennial fan's dream. But given the average life expectancy of
> > the GM pilot, it may not be a long series. OTOH, a series of one-shot
> But on the other hand as well, we have guys like Burning, Monsha, and
> the other Fourth-Platoon boys who prove that you don't have to have a
> gundam to still kick Jion Ass!

If you read the Hammer's Slammers series (I know, hovertanks, not mechs,
but the approach is similar) you'd see some great stories from the view
point of a new recruit or a rear firebase element thrust into frontline
battle or an enemy unit trying to ambush them, etc. Ya, I'd love to see
"a month in the life of" stories about the types of guys we'd mostly
likely be in the Gundam universe if it existed now.


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