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My guess is that they don't have to do alot of changes to existing designs
to produce all these minor Master-Grade Suits...once you build a Zaku-II or
similar product, there's not much work to pump out derivative models. The
Dom, Model-100, and all of the Zeta suits require a full design pretty much
from scratch so these minor releases are just filling up the space between
the big release. IMHO! :)


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> MS-05B Zaku I, regular version and Black Trinary version!
> (not high mobility Zaku II as I previously said)
> It will hit stores on May.

  Of all the designs they could have made... MG Dom, GM-Sniper, Model-100,
hell ANY of the other Zeta designs or UC designs, they had to make the
lamo, not-even-in-the-anime, watered-down-Zak-II, Zak-I!? What the hell?
If they're going to do THAT, why not do the _GOUF_?
  Is Bandai that hard up for funds that they've got to recycle THAT many
parts? Sheesh!
  And they're already planning a color variation? That's depressing!

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