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Der UberHanyok (
Mon, 22 Mar 1999 14:25:49 -0500

>>A GM pilot?
>>-->So how does it feel fighting in a war where only Gundam pilots get
>>the credit?
>Ah, the perennial fan's dream. But given the average life expectancy of
>the GM pilot, it may not be a long series. OTOH, a series of one-shot
>OVAs may nicely capture the whole insanity of war thing. Anyone see
>Leiji Matsumoto's "The Cockpit"?

Never saw "the cockpit" but this would be a great idea. Each movie gets you
acquainted with the main guy, some you like some you don't like, and then
they get blown up! It would definitely capture the nuttiness of war, that's
for sure. And there's be more main character deaths than Zeta Gundam, hehe.

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