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Mark Simmons (
Mon, 22 Mar 1999 10:26:39 -0800

Kota writes,

>MS-05B Zaku I, regular version and Black Trinary version!
>(not high mobility Zaku II as I previously said)

  Cool, but gee... after all the trouble the Giren's Greed cut-scenes went
to to demolish the myth of the Black Trinary Zaku I!

  Yes, they did use the Zaku I back in their training battalion days, but
it's always been recorded that they used the C-type Zaku II during the
Battle of Ruum, and that this was the first mobile suit to bear their
distinctive black-purple-and-gray color scheme. The Giren's Greed cut
scenes reconciled this with the pervasive myth of the black-purple-gray
Zaku I, by putting a Zaku I head on the Zaku II body. See the MS Classic
section of the Gundam Project for illustrations.

  So, I'm wondering how they'll deal with this in the MG kit manual. But
hey, it'll be great to have an MG Zaku I, regardless!

-- Mark

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