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Doc (figureight@pacific.net.ph)
Tue, 23 Mar 1999 01:01:45 +0800

One of the merits of 0080 is that its told from a unique point of view
compared to any other Gundam series. Now I know it might not be worth
much "commercially" but wouldn't it make cool stories if we had them
told from the points of view of:

An MS mechanic?
-->Now if only them aces knew how hard these damn machines are to patch

A GM pilot?
-->So how does it feel fighting in a war where only Gundam pilots get
the credit?

A Doctor in the Flanagan Agency?
-->Just when you were getting fond of them newtypes, you send them off
in a twenty meter high, man-shaped, metal coffin...

A mother who has lovingly watched her three sons grow up, join the UNT
Spacy, and die one after the other while fighting for the Federation...?
-->Whoah, shades of Private Ryan there... and Legends of the Fall too...

A young history student who spends one summer taking care of his
grandfather, a retired washed-up Zeon ace who's still living in the
-->Just imagine the potential philosphical debates in that one...

And my favorite:

The collected diaries of the Zavi children's nurse.
-->Filled with flashbacks on little Dozul, Giren, Krishiria, and Garma.
Plus juicy trivia like how Krishiria had almost killed Giren for hogging
all the lollipops brought by papa Degin from earth... which culminated
in that fated gunshot to Giren's head.

And the list goes on...

Ah well, we can always hope.

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