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>3. Most creative use of a Gundam's beam saber in a feature film:
> Seabook Arno, using the F91's sabers to ward off the bugs

>7. Most realistic portrayal of the tragedy of Mobile suit warfare:
> The scene in F91 where an innocent mother dies instantly when
> she's hit on the head by an shell casing jettisoned from an F71
> autocannon.

heheh, now I HAVE to see Gundam F91. I hope animevilage brings more gundam
stuff over here. (Zeta Gundam, anyone?) Hope you guys don't think its wrong
that I find that funny, but if a 50-meter tall Mobile Suit wielding gigantic
autocannons was anywhere near me, I'd be outta there faster than a uh...
somethin or other.

Most un-appreciated MS design: the ultra-GM from Gundam 0083's opening
episodes. (wouldn't mind seeing an MG kit of that one or unit three!)

Biggest Shout-out to computer nuts: Amuro reading the "instruction booklet"
for the RX-78 and beating the hell out of some Zakus.

Strangest personality quirk: Kou Uraki, cause he just can't eat those

Most obvious sales pitch: Those "Zima" signs all over the station - oh wait
a second, that's "Oscars in the B5 Universe."

Best use of ambient lighting: unit 1 and unit 2 dueling in the fog. (unit 1,
I am your father...)

Coolest effect: the Nu Gundam, for it's point-defense beam shield-ish

and I'm sure people who have seen more of Gundam than I have will have more
ideas... heehee.

Matt "brain = slurpee" Hanyok
"Nobody in here but us strange quotes!"

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