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>Have you ever tried Bandai's 1/100 scale kits? Those should be at least
>marginally better than the 1/72 scale ones, which was molded by Imai way
>back in the early 80s.

well, my only real source of model kits happens to be hobbylink japan... you
can check out their macross page for yourself, but you'll see that I didn't
have much of a choice in what I was ordering. Mospeada however was a
different story. Fortunately Bandai doesn't seem to have a problem keeping a
large portion of their gundam kits in print, so it's not as bad as it could

>>Anyhoo, there's a VF-1D in the mail, along with the ONLY VF-21 I could
>>find... the special plated version of the Fire Valkyrie.
>Is the original non-plated version out of print already?

yep, sure is. Made me helluva mad, too, cause the 19 is my favorite
valkyrie. (Yeah I know up there I said 21, well I meant 19.) Actually, the
YF-19 is my favorite, but like I said, I don't have the money or the skills
to put together a resin kit of that scale. (for the record, I wouldn't mind
a perfect variable yf-19 and 21)

>Pony Toy Go Round, a Japanese chain toy/hobby stores that you could find in
>most Yaohan plazas. They used to have the best price and selection of
>kits around, but went belly up a few years...

one of these days I'll convince myself to visit japan with a lot of money in
my pocket. sigh.

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