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Operator7g - Michael Ip (
Tue, 23 Mar 1999 00:23:59 +1200

Doc wrote:

> 2. Shortest term as a Gundam Pilot in a feature film:
> Keyra Su, in the ReGZ

well there's not a lot to compare is there...but I do think Chein lasted an
even shorter time, that's it she qualifies as a pilot.

> 4. Most dramatic foreshadowing in a television episode:
> Char's wrecked Hiyaki Shiki floating at the end of Z Gundam

I still think it jitters across the screen, the PSX version is much more
dramatic than the TV series.

> 7. Most realistic portrayal of the tragedy of Mobile suit warfare:
> The scene in F91 where an innocent mother dies instantly when
> she's hit on the head by an shell casing jettisoned from an F71
> autocannon.

my god, i know people that *laugh* at that scene, just as they'd laugh
through 'Grave of Fireflies' *sniff*

> 9. Best supporting role in the Gundam universe:
> Bright Noah as the eternal captain

Bright! My main man!

> Those are my votes anyway. Toss in a couple of your own votes and
> categories....

hmm, you make it kinda specific to TV series vs feature films. Some of those
results might different if the distinction was not made.

yeah yeah, my spelling sucks, so what?

Michael Ip

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