[gundam] Oscars in the UC universe

Doc (figureight@pacific.net.ph)
Mon, 22 Mar 1999 17:08:41 +0800

>Another topic to flare up the old mailing list. Oscars in UC universe...

Well... you guys asked for it...

1. Most dramatic use of a Gundam in a feature film:

        Amuro Rey, using the Nu Gundam to push the Axis away from earth

2. Shortest term as a Gundam Pilot in a feature film:

        Keyra Su, in the ReGZ

3. Most creative use of a Gundam's beam saber in a feature film:

        Seabook Arno, using the F91's sabers to ward off the bugs

4. Most dramatic foreshadowing in a television episode:

        Char's wrecked Hiyaki Shiki floating at the end of Z Gundam

5. Highest number of main character deaths in a television series:

        Z Gundam

6. Most disappointing performance of a mobile armor in a feature film:

        Quess Paraya in the Alpha Aziel

7. Most realistic portrayal of the tragedy of Mobile suit warfare:

        The scene in F91 where an innocent mother dies instantly when
        she's hit on the head by an shell casing jettisoned from an F71

8. Most interesting love triangle prematurely ended in a television

        Char, Amuro, and Lala Sun

9. Best supporting role in the Gundam universe:

        Bright Noah as the eternal captain

10. Best use of musical score in a feature film:

        Char's Counterattack

Those are my votes anyway. Toss in a couple of your own votes and

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