RE: [gundam] Find Out What The Future Holds For You?

Y. Choe (
Sun, 21 Mar 1999 21:11:23 -0800

> Is it my imagination or did someone sold the Gundam Mailing list address
> to an advertisement list?

Either it's all our imagination, or someone fell for the oldest trick in the
book, remove from mailing list. I thought Majordomo was a fairly robust ML
proggie that could stop non subscribed peeps to hack in. And it does that
(as I have several mail addresses, and I know for the fact that Majordomo
don't like em at all). However, spam COMING FROM THE MEMBERS THEMSELVES are
another concern.

IF I were David (admin of list), I would considering blocking all free
e-mail portals (hotmail,, geo$c$ities,, etc.) as they seem
to be the new source of most of these spams... But then again, that's just

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