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>I know this might sound a bit picky but I have a question: when does the
>part of the Original series in Side 6 take place? (episodes 33 and 34 IIRC)
>That would have to be around 0079, December 15th, wouldn't it?
>Now, When does the Cyclops Team arrive in Libot? That should be around
>the same time. So, how come we don't see at any moment in 0080 the White
>Base getting rid of those 12 Rick Doms in 3 minutes?

Referring once again to Mark's Gundam UC Timeline:

UC 0079.12.09 = A Duchy military special forces unit attacks the Federal
Forces' Arctic base.

UC 0079.12.14 = The Federal Forces begin Operation Star One.

UC 0079.12.24 = The Battle of Solomon. The Duchy military is defeated,
Solomon is captured and Space Attack Force commander Dozul Zabi is killed
in action.

UC 0079.12.30 = The Duchy military carries out Operation Solar Ray. Duke
Degin is killed, and the Federal Forces' Revil fleet is wiped out.

UC 0079.12.31 = A Bao A Qu falls. Aguille Delaz and his followers withdraw
from the battlefield.

UC 0080.01.01 = The One Year War ends. The Earth Federation government and
Republic of Zeon conclude a peace accord on the moon. After preliminary
negotiations at Anman, the formal signing takes place at Granada.

The action on the 9th is, of course, the Cyclops Team attack at the opening
of Gundam 0080. Andy Strauss is killed in action.

Bernard Wiseman is shot down in Libot and forced to abandon his MS-06FZ
Zaku II within the next day or so. He returns to try and salvage it later
that day, but gets Alfred Izuruha's video instead.

The Zeon are damn quick to notice the NT-1 markings on the crates at the
spaceport and act on same. Bernie is assigned to the Cyclops Team (to
replace Andy Strauss) on the 14th, the same day that Operation Star One
kicks off. Their mission is to infiltrate Libot and steal or destroy the NT-1.

Operation Rubicon, the Cyclops Team attack on the Federation outpost in
Libot, takes place on the 19th. Steiner, Mischa and Garcia are killed in
action and Bernard is left to his own devices.

After an abortive move to flee to Francheska, Bernie decides to make his
stand on the 24th, Christmas Eve. White Base is at the Battle of Solomon.

The final battle between Chris in the RX-78 NT-1 and Bernie in the MS-06FZ
is on Christmas Day.

>I know those events don't take place in the same colony but yet, it's
>still the same Side. So, does this mean episodes 33 and 34 of the first
>series take place during the first half of December?

Or the latter half of November. Although I can't find a chronology of
events subsequent to White Bases' return to space following the actions at
Odessa and Jaburo, I get the impression that the meeting between Amuro and
Char and Lalar was fairly early on, well before Operation Star One.

>If not, how convenient, the person meant to pilot G4 would just be a few
>colonies away from his never to be seen Gundam...

Just another one of those famous Gundam ironies!


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