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>Der UberHanyok wrote:
>> a quick question about these things. The GP01 had two versions, the normal
>> and the full-vernian, and they were both called "Zephyranthes", right? Then
>> the GP02A was the "Physalis" and the GP03 was...? The gundam itself was
>> called "Dendrobium", yes? Or is it correctly referred to as "Dendrobium
>> Stamen", whereas that big-ass armor thing is "Dendrobium Orchis"? Or would I
>> just be correct in calling it "Dendrobium"?
>I think you understood it: Unit 3 is called Dendrobium whatever its
>form. The "tiny" MS alone is called Dendrobium Stamen, while that big
>chunky thing is called "Dendrobium Orchis" (that weapon base is in fact
>the Orchis platform). But I guess the "Orchis" may be omitted: the
>Dendrobium Orchis is RX-78GP03 while the Stamen is RX-78GP03S, so if you
>just say Dendrobium, it implies you're reffering to the big thing or to
>Unit 3 in general.
>(Now correct me if I'm wrong of course)

As the code number indicates, "Dendrobium" refers to the RX-78GP03, which
is the entire package, Gundam Unit 03 and Orchis Armed Base. "Dendrobium
Stamen" refers to the RX-78GP03S, which is the Gundam Unit 03 alone.

>> And who came up with these names anyway? Are they AE code-names or something
>> Bandai did since they "own" gundam or however that business deal is?
>It's likely Anaheim Electronics Engineers came up with them. They are
>all related to flowers in a way. I won't get too extensive on that one,
>it's pretty well detailed in Kota's GML archive, you might want to check
>it, there are lots of interesting stuff.

My understanding was that the code names were coined by Nina Purpleton herself.

For what it's worth, a stamen is the pollen-producing male organ of a
flower. It consists of an anther, the pollen-producing pod, on a stalk
called a filament. It resembles the male organ of a human being, just as
flowers in general and orchids in particular are noted for their
resemblance to the female organ.

Makes you wonder what Nina (or the writers) were thinking, doesn't it?


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