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>This casts the Federation's ability to govern in a different light.
>Rather than be diehard constituents, I'd say colonial administrators
>simply pay lip service to Federation dictates (just to keep the nosy
>Feds off their backs than anything else).
>The larger corporations (e.g. Anaheim, Colony Corp, PCST, JEF), small
>nations in their own right, hold enough economic sway to influence
>politics in the Gundam World (cf. Z Gundam, F91). These corporations
>most probably derive their revenue from off-world sources. This further
>diminishes the Federation's leverage.
>Unless the Sides (and other factions who prefer to remain neutral) stand
>to benefit in some way by maintaining their earthbound loyalties.

Well, following the dictates of the Federation is the only way to get a
permit to live on Earth. By kicking everyone off the planet except the
Elite, the cultural caretakers and the workers necessary to maintain the
infrastructure that supports the Elite and the caretakers, the Federation
holds the best piece of real estate in the entire universe and doles out
access to same with a tight fist. That's another reason why Zeon, Neo Zeon
and Zanscare made such as big deal out of their occupation of the planet:
it showed everyone who the Boss was, in no uncertain terms.

Jupiter Empire seems to favor the Muadib Principle: "He who has the power
to destroy something controls it."

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