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> A quick question about these things. The GP01 had two versions, the normal
> and the full-vernian, and they were both called "Zephyranthes", right? Then
> the GP02A was the "Physalis" and the GP03 was...? The gundam itself was
> called "Dendrobium", yes? Or is it correctly referred to as "Dendrobium
> Stamen", whereas that big-ass armor thing is "Dendrobium Orchis"? Or would
> just be correct in calling it "Dendrobium"?

If I remember correctly, the "Stamen" is the Mobile Suit, the "Ocrhis" is the
Mobile Armor, and together they form the "Dendrobium." Of course I could be
wrong. I'm just now getting to watch Stardust Memories, and I only have
episodes 1-4.

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