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Sun, 21 Mar 1999 15:14:58 -0500

>Which Valkyries did you get? The 1/100 scale ones should be better than
>the 1/72 scale kit (unless you got a 1/72 scale Valkyrie II. The VF-1x
>kits in 1/72 scale were awful).

heheh, yeah I know... I've got a VF-1A I'm putting together right now that's
one of the 1/72 models - I had to have one that transformed, even if it
involved some part switching, due to the recent loss of my old robotech
VF-1S toy... while I was at it I also ordered a VF-1S for a friend and a
VF-1D. They might be awful, but you know, they were the only ones I saw that
transformed that weren't Resin kits. (I don't think I'm nearly good enough
to put one together... YF-19 perfect variable anyone? That and I don't have
the $$$ for resin kits.)

Anyhoo, there's a VF-1D in the mail, along with the ONLY VF-21 I could
find... the special plated version of the Fire Valkyrie. I figure that one will be
easier to assemble / nicer to look at than the others, but its a newer kit
so I expect that.

On a somewhat related note, I'm starting work on a Zeta Gundam MG kit this
week - notice the thing I have for transforming stuff. (Hey I can't help it!
It's cool!)

>The Hardygun is probably the best selling kit of a GM variant. It was
>best-seller before they went belly up. Sigh.


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