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>the thought never occurred to me that an MS would get its general design
>from a series that was more than one series away from it. (example: the
>Mk-II stretched back through Gundam 0083 and Gundam 0080 and etc.)

Keep in mind that the various Gundam series weren't created in UC
chronological order. Z Gundam, in which the RX-178 Gundam Mk.II was
introduced as the most state-of-the-art upgrade of the original RX-78-2,
was produced in 1985, four years before Gundam 0080, six years before
Gundam 0083 and twelve years before 08th MS Team and Blue Destiny. All of
the Gundams between the RX-78-2 and the RX-178 didn't exist when the RX-178
was conceived and introduced.

One complaint among older Gundam fans is that every "first" that the Gundam
Mk.II introduced has since been usurped by one or another of these
Johnny-Come-Lately retcons....

But I digress. My point is that it's not enough to line up the MS in UC
chronological order and connect the dots. You also have to look at the
order in which they were introduced in the Real Life evolution of the
series, to see what actually came when and how that was changed by
subsequent revisionism.


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