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>>The RXF-91 and 91Kai are descended from the F91 Gundam, right? Prototype
>>general use mobile suit designs, I think.
>Basically, yes. See the MS Development Chart in the Official Handbook
>for Silhouette Formula which comes with the Neo Gundam kits.

You know its funny that you mention the Neo Gundam - I think mine is in the
mail from HLJ as I type this. (Along with a pair of Valkyries but I'm
probably putting the Gundam together first.)

>>Then the Cluster Gundam, the F90IIIY is actually descended not from the
>>Gundam, but rather from the F90 Gundam? It skipped a generation?
>This was not in the chart mentioned above, but why would the F90 III be a
>descendant of the F91 instead of the F90 II?

you know, now that I think about I suppose that's a very valid point. I
think the problem is that I have this preconception of designs evolving in
each and every series and not really skipping generations (as the cluster
gundam did) but, now that I think about it, it was probably a question I
could've answered myself. I mean, the RX-178 was pretty much a direct
descendant of the RX-78, (Zeta Gundam from Gundam) and the same deal with
the RMS-179. I had just figured that there were new versions in each series,
the thought never occurred to me that an MS would get its general design
from a series that was more than one series away from it. (example: the
Mk-II stretched back through Gundam 0083 and Gundam 0080 and etc.)

>>Now finally, the RGM-111 "Hardy Gun II" - my favorite design from the
>I don't know where you got the II, Bandai simply called it Hardygun.

Well, I looked at the box and you're right, it does indeed say Hardygun. I
think the "2" came from the designs on the model... the stickers say "HGII"
in really fancy stenciling, so I assumed it was the "Hardy Gun ][" - again I
don't have any real knowledge of these series because I can't read much
japanese. Personally I think it shoulda been called the "Heavy Gun" - I
don't see "Hardy" as much of a prefix.

>>It looks like a modified RGM-109 from Gundam F91 (the large cannon
>>and slightly different armoring) and I think can be traced back to even
>>RGM-89 from Char's Counterattack... they look similar. And even then, it
>>looks like it goes back as far as the original GM design from Gundam 0080
>>0079. (By the way, I think the Uber-GM in 0083 was AWESOME... it's a shame
>>it got blown up real good.) So this guy with the over-the shoulder energy
>>cannon or whatever in SF91, that's actually a GM series? Geez, who'da
>>From the face you can tell it's got to be a GM series, not to mention the
>MS reference code itself - the "GM" part of the RGM. As for the
>genealogy, you are right on the money. Do you have the chart?

Well, like I said, my Neo Gundam is in the mail, but now I'm looking forward
to it more than I did before. I suppose I should brush up on my japanese
before it comes in, eh? Seriously though, that's one heck of a GM, ain't it?
Thanks for everything!

Matt "brain = slurpee" Hanyok
"Nobody in here but us strange quotes!"

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