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>okay I just want to make sure I have this straight. SF91 takes places in
>UC0123, shortly after (during? I haven't read the comic so....) Gundam F91.
>I'm curious about the origin of the designs in the "series" though.

The name "Silhouette Formula" designates a line of MS that Anaheim
Electronics started to "shadow" (a silhouette is a portrait made by tracing
the outline of someone's shadow) the development of the Formula line of
rival Strategic Naval Research Institute (SNRI).

Here's an extract of the relevant developments, from Mark Simmons' UC Timeline:

Some story elements of Gundam F90 and Silhouette Formula 91 revealed!











UC 0093.09 = Intelligence agencies and strategic and tactical research
institutes within the Federal Forces are reorganized as the Strategic Naval
Research Institute (SNRI).

UC 0102 = SNRI proposes to the Federal Government that mobile suits
should be scaled down.

UC 0105.11 = At the Federal Forces' request, Anaheim Electronics begins
development of scaled-down mobile suits.

UC 0108.07 = Rollout of the Dessa type, the first scaled-down mobile
suit, by the Buffo Aerodynamics Company.

UC 0109 = Rollout of the RGM-109 Heavygun.

UC 0111.09 = SNRI rolls out the Gundam F90 unit 1 and completes the A,
D, S, M and H options.

UC 0111.10 = The Federal Forces decide on the development of a
next-generation main force mobile suit. SNRI's F (Formula) series, rather
than Anaheim's MSA-120, is officially adopted.

UC 0111.12 = Reconstruction of the Frontier Side (formerly Side 4) begins.

UC 0112.02 = The Gundam F90's L, V and P field-test options are finished.

UC 0112.06 = The Silhouette Formula Project is secretly started within
Anaheim Electronics.

UC 0115.04 = Rollout of the F71 G-Cannon.

UC 0116.07 = Rollout of the Gundam F91.

UC 0120.10.25 = The Jupitoris-class transport ship Kobayashi Maru is
attacked by a mysterious mobile suit force.

UC 0120.10.28 = During a test flight in the Side 4 area, one of the Gundam
F90 prototypes is stolen by the Zeon remnants known as "Oldsmobile."

UC 0120.10.30 = The 13th Independent Mobile Fleet is given the special
assignments of mopping up Oldsmobile and recovering the F90.

UC 0121.03 = The 13th Independent Mobile Fleet reaches Mars.
Oldsmobile's Martian base, Olympus Cannon, is destroyed after firing. The
stolen Gundam F90 unit 2 is recovered.

UC 0121.10.28 = In parallel with the reconstruction of the Gundam F90 unit
2, the I and L options are completed.

UC 0122.02 = The F90 and F91 are brought aboard the Federal Forces
cruiser Abrams for field testing.

UC 0122.08 = Rollout of Anaheim's RXF91 Silhouette Gundam.

UC 0122.11 = Silhouette Formula tests begin in the Zebra Zone.

UC 0122.12 = The Gundam F91 is brought to the Frontier I colony for
conversion of its head computer.

UC 0123.02.18 = During test operations in the Zebra Zone, the Silhouette
Gundam and Hardygun encounter the Crossbone Vanguard's Dark Tiger force.

UC 0123.02.19 = Due to engine problems, the Anaheim test ship Blaywood
docks at an abandoned colony.

UC 0123.02.20 = Inside the abandoned colony, the Hardygun battles a Gira
Doga and captures its pilot, a Neo Zeon remnant.

UC 0123.02.22 = The Blaywood joins the Federal Forces battleship Ajax. The
Neo Gundam unit 1 meets with the Dark Tiger force. The Blaywood's MS corps
encounter Neo Zeon remnants within the colony.

UC 0123.02.23 = The Ajax begins a mopping-up operation against the Neo Zeon
remnants, opening fire on the abandoned colony. The Neo Gundam unit 2
defeats the Ajax and the Neo Gundam unit 1.

UC 0123.03.16 = Crossbone Vanguard mobile suits attack the Frontier Side.
More than 500 inhabitants of Frontier IV die, and 140,000 become refugees.


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