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>Turn A Gundam Episode 1: "Barking to the Moon"
> Episode 2: "Come of Age Ceremony"

With reference to the previous thread regarding translation, a more
meaningful interpretation might be:

Turn A Gundam Episode 1: "Barking at the Moon"
              Episode 2: "Rite of Passage"

In conventional English usage, dogs (and, occasionally, people) bark AT
something. TO implies conversation, as one talks or sings TO someone else.

The second one's a bit tricker and points up what I've said about finding a
word or phrase that conveys the same meaning, as opposed to translating
word by word. Even the phrase as it stands -- "Come of Age Ceremony" --
isn't how the phrase would be rendered in English. When a person comes of
age, it's referred to in English as "COMING of Age" (originally BECOMING,
thence shortened). But that's only part of the story.

In English, it's recognized that there are a number of transitional points
in life: birth, first step/word, majority (coming of age), marriage,
parenthood, grandparenthood, maturity (old age) and death. All of these
and others are maked by some ceremony or other and are known as "rites of
passage" -- rituals associated with passing from one point of life to
another. Birthdays and anniversaries are rites of passage when they mark a
certain number -- 1, 3, 5, 7, 10, 15, 20, 25, 50, 75 and 100 are the most
common, but some cultures also mark 13, 16, 18, 21, 33, 40, 66, 77, 88, 99
and 108.

So while "Coming of Age Ceremony is the verbatim translation, I think that
"Rite of Passage" might be a more meaningful interpretation.

>Turn-A Gundam OP: "Turn A Turn" (No, I'm not kidding)

I can almost hear it now:

"To everything
Turn A Turn
There is a season
Turn A Turn
And a time
To every purpose
Under heaven"

I could really dig something like that!

Just don't let it sound like "Fly Robin Fly!"....

>Sung by Hideki Saijyou (this really came as a surprise to me. It'll be very
>interesting how this will turn out). I don't think he sung any songs for
>aniime, but he's a famous pop singer in Japan.

Ha! Sort of like getting a recent Grammy winner to sing a Disney theme song?

>Composed by Asei Kobayashi (whose credit includes "Gatchaman". Oh dear.)
>Lyrics by Rin Iogi (AKA Yoshiyuki Tomino)

Rin Iogi is Tomino's standard alias for anime songwriting. He has another
alias for screenplays: Minoru Onoya.

Didn't he write all of the song lyrics for Gundam, Z Gundam and Gundam ZZ?


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