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Der UberHanyok (mhanyo1@umbc.edu)
Sat, 20 Mar 1999 14:57:02 -0500

okay I just want to make sure I have this straight. SF91 takes places in
UC0123, shortly after (during? I haven't read the comic so....) Gundam F91.
I'm curious about the origin of the designs in the "series" though.

The RXF-91 and 91Kai are descended from the F91 Gundam, right? Prototype
general use mobile suit designs, I think.

Then the Cluster Gundam, the F90IIIY is actually descended not from the F91
Gundam, but rather from the F90 Gundam? It skipped a generation?

Then there's the Neo Gundam (RX-99 I think), where the heck did that come
from? The only thing I could think of is that it was derived from the Nu
Gundam (RX-93) and that its a prototype Newtype use mobile suit.

The G-Cannon suit is obviously in the line of Guncannons, this one being an
altered F71 from Gundam F91. (Hence the F71B).

The XM-07G, "Vigna Zirah" looks to be a modified XM-07 Vigna Ghina, and I'll
take a wild guess and say that's correct simply because of the serial
numbers - I would also think that they're related to the XM-06 design, yes?

Now finally, the RGM-111 "Hardy Gun II" - my favorite design from the
series. It looks like a modified RGM-109 from Gundam F91 (the large cannon
and slightly different armoring) and I think can be traced back to even the
RGM-89 from Char's Counterattack... they look similar. And even then, it
looks like it goes back as far as the original GM design from Gundam 0080 or
0079. (By the way, I think the Uber-GM in 0083 was AWESOME... it's a shame
it got blown up real good.) So this guy with the over-the shoulder energy
cannon or whatever in SF91, that's actually a GM series? Geez, who'da

Did I get all that?

Matt "brain = slurpee" Hanyok
"Nobody in here but us strange quotes!"

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