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>Not so. Witness the regular passenger runs between colonies, evidence >of an active tourism industry in the form of "theme" colonies
>Business as usual during altercations -- but the business had to have >predated the War.

The apparent existence of a trade system makes sense. Then I'd guess
that trade relationships will be somewhat reminiscent of Europe and its
colonies back in the Renaissance: heavier industries like mining and
agriculture will have to be farmed out to the colonies while "higher"
industries like art, media and entertainment, and most luxury goods will
still be largely earth-dominated. In such a system, both sides will have
some economic "chip" as political leverage.

The few heavy industries on earth will probably be relocated below
ground (e.g. Jaburo), but these would have to be heavily regulated to
preserve what's left of the planet's environment.

This results in a slightly skewed balance of trade--with the ball thrown
in the spacenoids' court. Any one of the colonies could simply threaten
to cut off industrial support to earth to assert their independence
(even the JEF was implied to have done this). The One Year War wouldn't
be necessary, since the earth would have become more dependent on the
Sides than the other way around.

Of course, the Zavi's needed to make a political statement by dropping a
colony on earth. But that single act alone would have effectively
neutralized the earthnoids' productive capacity for good--I think the
full implication of Operation British wasn't explored enough on a global
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