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Howdy folks.

Turn A Gundam Episode 1: "Barking to the Moon"
              Episode 2: "Come of Age Ceremony"

Turn-A Gundam OP: "Turn A Turn" (No, I'm not kidding)
Sung by Hideki Saijyou (this really came as a surprise to me. It'll be very
interesting how this will turn out). I don't think he sung any songs for
aniime, but he's a famous pop singer in Japan.
Composed by Asei Kobayashi (whose credit includes "Gatchaman". Oh dear.)
Lyrics by Rin Iogi (AKA Yoshiyuki Tomino)

Turn-A Gundam ED: "Aura"
Composed, Lyrics, and sung by Shinji Tanimura.

The cast:

Well, since I'm not sure how many people are interested in this, all I will
do is provide a URL.
The only familiar name for me was Kumiko Watanabe, who voiced Katejina in

This is in Japanese. If anyone wants this in English, let me know.



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