Re: [gundam] Z Gundam Hyper Technical Book

Edward Ju (
Fri, 19 Mar 1999 21:43:33 -0800

>By an odd coincidence, no sooner did someone mention the SegaSaturn Z
>Gundam game than I found this lurking in a corner of the Kinokuniya Bookstore:
>Kodansha Game Special 87 SegaSaturn Mobile Suit Z Gundam Hyper Technical
>Book (1997.6.16, Kodansha, ISBN4-06-329287-8) 82 color digest pages for 830.

Ah, yes, the cheapo version... there is another game guide for the same
game which came in a bigger format. For some reason my local Asahiya only
got one part of Kodansha's version and the other part from the other
publisher (see below for explanation).

>One of the reasons this has been overlooked for so long is that, unlike the
>other SegaSaturn and PlayStation books in the series, this is in the small
>digest form factor, about the same size as a Dengeki Comics Data Collection.

>The book concludes with descriptions (including original broadcast date) of
>the first 21 episodes. Why only 21 out of 50? Was that the period covered
>by the game?

Yes. Bandai pulled a fast one and released the unfinished game as a
"Part I", which sucked, and took their sweet time to finish Part II. These
two games should have came as a 2-disc game like Zeta Gundam for PSX, but
they decided they could rip off the fans more by releasing a game in 2 parts
(Zeta) or 3 parts (Blue Destiny) instead of a multi-disc game. As a result,
the game guides also come in a set of two. You are probably itching to get
that missing volume now...

>You get to fight Four and the Psyco Gundam in New Hong Kong
>in the 3rd Battle of Stage 9, with space battles against the Marasai and
>Gabthley in Stage 10, ending up with the Mark II, Type 100 and Rick Dias by
>the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco in the last scene of the last

No Zeta Gundam until you buy Part II of the game! Evil marketing ploy!


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