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>>> 7) Did I mention plasters?
>>What are plasters?
> I think it refers to the medical stuff you put on puncture wounds
>from pin vises, slashes from hobby knifes, etc. =)

Plasters (or, more precisely, sticking plasters) are the British equivalent
of what Americans call Band-Aids and the Japanese call Bansoko.

"Bansoko" was what Tomino called the sticky plastic film used to repair
punctures in normal and pilot suits, starting with Z gundam.

This shouldn't be confused with the sealant gel contained in balloons that
were released to seal punctures in spaceship and colony hulls and sprayed
from the hand of the RMS-099 Rick Dias to immobilize colony personnel in Z
Gundam. That stuff was called "torimachi" ("birdlime").


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