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Fri, 19 Mar 1999 19:51:27 EST

Hey list, I've been off for a while due to outside matters, but I'm back with
a new project.

To mark the 20th Anniversary of Gundam, I'm planning to do something really
cool with my mecha fandom site (http://skane.simplenet.com, shameless plug),
and I decided to write up some rules for a tabletop wargame set in the Gundam
universe. Anyways, the reason I'm writing this is to hopefully get some
feedback on my proposed game plan (which I'll eventually post to the list,
assuming that's okay), so for the role-players/wargamers, here's my planned

Over All Game
        The game I'm designing is a relatively modifiable mecha tabletop game. Game
play takes place on a hex map, between units of 5-20 Mobile Suits )as well as
stuff like Core Fighters, Transport Ships, and other vehicles). My main
philosophy for the game is "simple" I get tired of having to spend more time
doing paperwork rather than playing the game.

Game Phases
        The game will be divided up into a number of phases, each designated for a
different action (like moving, shooting, etc.). The phases are:
1) Movement
2) Long Range Attack (missiles, beam rifles, etc.)
3) Close Combat (beam sabers, heat hawks, etc.)
4) Collect Victory Points

Game Actions
        The basic game will revolve around Action Points (APs). APs basically
represent Speed, and how maneuverable that particular Mobile Suit is. These
points can be spent on movement, shooting, and other actions.

        Movement will be on a hex grid, over varied terrain like forests, water, and
other land features. Right now I'm working on just land/air-based combat, and
will probably do space-based combat later. To move one hex costs one Action
Point, with different modifiers applying for different terrain types.

        Taking a shot with a beam rifle or attacking a Mobile Suit with a beam saber
will take one AP. Attacks will probably be resolved with a simple opposed
action roll (Attacker rolls attack value vs. Defender's defense value), as I
said above, it's supposed to be simple.

        Since death in Gundam can come from one well placed shot, damage will be
deadly. Most likely a structural value (something like 1-20), and an armor
value. The armor value is subtracted from all damage inflicted, and any left
over damage will be subtracted from the structural value.

Victory Points
        Victory Points will are gained when winning one turn of combat, this gives
the winning mecha a speed bonus, which translated into more APs. So for
example, if Unit 1 attacks Unit 2, and Unit 1 wins that round of combat (not
defeats Unit 2 mind you, just inflicts more damage to Unit 2 than Unit 2
inflicts to Unit 1) Victory Points are awarded to Unit 1, so he has a speed
bonus next turn. Basically showing that he's kicking Unit 2's butt.

That's the very basics of the rules, hopefully you can get an idea of what the
game will be like. If anyone is interested in helping me out, feel free to
email me. I'd also appreciate feedback from any tabletop gamers on the list,
is this something you'd be interested in seeing?

I'll be making periodic posts on the situation of the game, thanks for

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