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> << well blaze you could think about getting a digital camera for yourself
> Yep, I know. But they are expensive, aren't they? They are cool, though.

i borrowed one for the pictures on my side. Here are some real benefit
that's very hard for regular camera to match:

excellent close-up capability. if u take a shot of a model from a
distance at a high angle, it looks like a toy. but if u take it from
close up at a very low angle, the picture gives an illusion that u are a
1.7 m tall photographer taking a shot of a 18 m tall MS. Or a 200 m long
batter ship.

High equilivalent ISO/ASA. Most model shots are taken indoors. Without
professional lighting, most photos looks dim and washed-out. Most digital
cameras are very sensitive, well over ISO 1000 in my estimate. So
satisfactory lighting can be achieved with indoor lighting.

Of course all these can be achieved with film camera, but it would cost a
lot of money and a bit of skills, not one would do with a $50 point-and-
shoot. I used to be sketical of modern photographic gadgetry, but I am
totally sold on the digital camera (for low resolution work such as web

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