[gundam] The economics of the Universal century

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I know this is probably as close as I'll ever get to overreading the
Gundam universe but I'm curious if there was ever any trade between the
Side colonies, the moon, and the earth. I'm sure the more influential
factions in earthspace had an economic basis for their power:

Anaheim Electronics
        -->MS designs to the highest bidder! Of course they're rich!

Side 3
        -->Zeon colonies have twice the space of regular Side colonies, which
imply twice the productive capacity?

Side 6
        -->being neutral has its advantages, like not having 70% of your
population (and your industries) killed off by either Zeon or the

Side 7
        -->nearby Luna II ensures enough industry and resources for
generations to come.

Jupiter Energy Fleet
        -->whose economic importance was taken somewhat for granted until the
Ronahs showed the Federation just where all that money was going to
(cf. F91).

Of course there's a lot I'm not mentioning here. But my point is, from
what can be inferred from the stories, the Sides are pretty much
economically isolated from earth and each other (being self-sustaining
environments as they are). That being the case, the absence of any
active trading between earth and the colonies would have undermined the
Federation's influence, perhaps even long before Zeon declared its
independence. Economically, earth wouldn't be able to sustain its claim
on the Sides, much less finance an able space force to even threaten the
Sides to submission. Furthermore, if the spacenoid was mentality was as
prevalent in the Sides as Char and Zavi's always claimed it was, what
was stopping each of the colonies from creating its own force and
seceding--with Fed corruption and oppression already a given.

In Schodt's english translation of Tomino's Gundam novels, he mentions
that a singel core fighter was "worth its weight in gold."--A metaphor
of course but even then the losses in One Year War should have driven
the Federation to the poorhouse--enough incentive for the other Sides to
bolt and declare independence.
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