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>>Amen, brother. There is a great feeling you get when you have a model
>>you made on display...there's more feeling for it than you would
>>have with a toy. The time and effort put into making the kit, and
>>the sense of accomplishment really add the the feeling of just having
>>something cool on your shelf. PLus the fact you can make a model
>>look a lot better and more realistic than most toys really gets you
>>involveed in the kit.
>Blood + sweat = art. :) That's 3 votes for models vs. 1 vote for toys
>so far. Yes, I am keeping a tally. :)
        Well, purely personally, I like both models *and* toys. I would
like to see more toys, though, for those of us who sometimes have
trouble holding the right end of a hammer. ^_^ I've enjoyed making the
handful of models I've got, but the results have been somewhat...
erratic. Toys have the advantage of usually being ready painted, and
looking cool right out of the box.
        How about this? Maybe Bandai should introduce a Zoids like
Gundam kit line? (Tomy did something like this with Z-Knights). Wind Up
Gundam, anyone? ^_^

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