[gundam] Gundam "Call Shot"?

-Z- (Z@gundam.com)
Thu, 18 Mar 1999 18:52:51 -0800

Awhile back, someone asked if there were any of the verbal catchphrases
(AKA "call shots") common to anime combat in Gundam.

I never saw the original series, only the movie trilogy, where such things,
if they existed, were probably edited out along with the G-Armor.

I do, however, have an SD RX-78 Gundam Talking Bank.

It's posed with beam saber drawn, ready to strike, and, when you insert a
coin, it says "Cho-ka-MA!" (or maybe "BA!" or "NA!" or "VA!") in what I
take to be an approximation Amuro's voice and makes an electronic sound.

I can't find any of those words in my Japanese dictionary, but if "cho" is
the word for "super" then this may be a call shot of some sort.

Can anyone explain this?


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