Re: [gundam] MS Development gap?

Der UberHanyok (
Thu, 18 Mar 1999 18:15:13 -0500

> It particularly bugged me that the GP-series got the prefix RX-78... I
>mean, how the hell can you assign the number RX-78 to the massive GP-02?
>That's like calling the B-52 the "B-19-IIA" or something like that. RX-81
>is a much more logical naming convention.
> Frankly, the obsession of later Gundams with the "-78" designation has
>always bugged me, that's one reason I like the V-Gundam's serial-number
>style numbering system much better!
> -Probe

speaking of which, were the three gundam prototypes developed in that
particular order? I mean unit one then unit two then unit three, or were
they simply simultaneously developed based on different designs?

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