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> >Amen, brother. There is a great feeling you get when you have a model
> >you made on display...there's more feeling for it than you would
> >have with a toy. The time and effort put into making the kit, and
> >the sense of accomplishment really add the the feeling of just having
> >something cool on your shelf. PLus the fact you can make a model
> >look a lot better and more realistic than most toys really gets you
> >involveed in the kit.

Yeah...I still get a warm fuzzy feeling looking at my MG RX-78...both my
import model and first model I painted with an doesn't look
good but it reminds me of the fun I had building it.

> Blood + sweat = art. :) That's 3 votes for models vs. 1 vote for toys
> so far. Yes, I am keeping a tally. :)

I don't know if this would be a vote, but when my friend's nephew had a
instead of a toy I just snap and glued together an MG RX-78, and gave it to
him in the
box. He doesn't know at all what Gundam is, but he went nuts over it.....I
never thought
I'd find something to get him to put down those power rangers....

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