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Mark Kuettner (
Thu, 18 Mar 1999 14:23:55 PST

>For those who paint their Gundam models, I would like to know if you
>paint/spray a dull, or gloss coat when done, and how you get that
>effect around the panel edges. Do you get it by airbrush? Thanks in

The most realistic finish is a flat or semi-gloss coat, which gives
the model "scale" effect (more realistic). The semi-gloss is a clean,
pristine kind-of look, while the flat finish is a more gritty, tank-
like look. To weather your kits, you will need to have a flat finish
surface to weather on and seal it with a flat or semi-gloss topcoat;
and you need a gloss surface to apply decals.

The shadowy effect around panel edges can be done many ways; Hobby
Japan modelers use a airbrush and softly spray the panel lines with
a darker color than the base coat. Then they apply dust coats of the
the base coat over that to blend the to colors together. Another, more
easy, method, is to use pastels applied with a q-tip and softly blend
a darker color than the base coat over the panel line. There are
some good Gundam modelling books out right now; Pefect modeling
manual and a smaller book with a photo of the Geminass01 Gundam on
the cover; pick them up. The text is in japanese the the pics describe
the different techniques for Gundam models.

Mark Kai
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