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Probe writes,

> Good question, but apparently in Gundam weapons DO need external power
>to fire. Witness the HiZak for example.

  Yep, this does seem to be the case. There's just too much anecdotal
evidence that indicates a dependency on the mobile suit's electrical
generator.... though there's also evidence to suggest that the weapons have
a modest battery capacity, allowing them to run for at least few seconds
after the mobile suit releases them.

> Hence, my ascertation that internalized weapons make alot more sense in
>the Gundam universe based on what we know about those weapons. You'll note
>that quite a few Zion MS, like the Zugock, do just this sort of thing!

  And, for beam weapons that draw on the mobile suit's reactor to supply
the mega particles (or, for sabers, Minovski particles) rather than relying
on a pre-charged E-cap, an internal connection is mandatory. Even beam
sabers must be plugged into a storage socket in order to replenish their
particle supply. I can't think of any beam weapons that obtain a particle
supply through a hand connection.

  Even the very latest UC Gundams, like the F91 and the V2 Assault Gundam,
use fixed connections to run their exotic beam weapons - the F91's
reactor-fed VSBRs are connected to its chest, and the V2 Assault's mega
beam rifle and mega beam shield plug into the beam shield units in its
elbows in order to hijack their particle supply. Clearly, a hand connection
alone would not suffice to convey particles from the mobile suit's reactor.

> It is more reasonable, but apparently not the case. The 8MST EZ-8 gundam
>even has a little molded 'palm-jack' in the kit itself that represents
>this power coupler!

  While the palm jack may be the conduit for whatever electrical power the
weapon requires, its primary purpose is data transfer. The jack is used
with missile and shell weapons, as well as beam weapons, and you'll note
that the line art diagram that shows how it interfaces with the weapon grip
uses the RGM-79[G]'s shoulder-carried missile launcher as an example weapon.

-- Mark

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