RE: [gundam] Happy 99

Y. Choe (
Thu, 18 Mar 1999 13:01:01 -0800

> I am still getting Happy 99 from people. Luckily I am using a Mac, so the
> exe file came as garbage. I can't seem to convince this technophobe to
> "cure" herself. Does Happy 99 actually harm your computer in anyway, or
> does it simply reproduce and distribute itself to other computers without
> any harmful consequences (i.e. hard disk format, file corruption, etc.)?

AFAIK, there is no corruption of any files on your hard drive with the
exception of your TCP/IP Drivers (winsock.dll maybe?). Once you're
infected, the now corrupted driver files attaches Happy99.exe to every
outgoing piece of mail (does it also attach to News Group Files? I've heard
of both). Of course, when you receive a mail with Happy99 and run it,
everyone you send mail to gets Happy99, and the brutal cycle continues,
unless you own a Mac/*Nix/Non Win Platform.

At the moment, iMac seems to have shown its purpose, solely to stop
technophobe users to stop the spread, or at least contain, Happy99 worm...

Yong Choe (aka Y. Choe)

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