Re: [gundam] Mobile suit mechanics

Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Thu, 18 Mar 1999 13:51:47 -0700 (MST)

> substantially fewer parts to worry about breaking in that case too. Hence a
> hard-mounted weapon might actually need _less_ maintenance than a rifle-style
> I was always under the impression that hand held weapon systems in Gundam were
> totally self contained, including their own power supplies, targeting systems,
> and armor.

  Not totally, they do need firing/accelleration power which seems to come
from the MS. As for armor, I never got the impression that Gundam weapons
were especially well-armored, they do shatter the first time you use 'em
as clubs!

> Having worked on military field radar, I can tell you all that powering an
> external complex system with a supply feed from another complex system is not

  Having worked with scientific instruments such as field radiometers and
spectrometers I can agree heartily with you on that. Still, this is
apparently just what's done in Gundam.

> supplies. If your going to go through the trouble of having your Mecha hold a
> weapon in its hands, and pull the trigger with its index finger, why would you
> need to run a complex power transfer system through that hand into the weapon

  Good question, but apparently in Gundam weapons DO need external power
to fire. Witness the HiZak for example.

> high vacuum systems that use Argon plasma, and the idea that plasma as
> diverted from a reactor, through the Mecha's arm, and into a non-hard mounted
> weapon is to complex to work consistently, let alone during battle. It again

  Hence, my ascertation that internalized weapons make alot more sense in
the Gundam universe based on what we know about those weapons. You'll note
that quite a few Zion MS, like the Zugock, do just this sort of thing!

> is more reasonable to assume that everything needed for proper operation is
> built into the weapon at hand. All that would be needed now is a properly

  It is more reasonable, but apparently not the case. The 8MST EZ-8 gundam
even has a little molded 'palm-jack' in the kit itself that represents
this power coupler!

> communication feed, then you can do without the overly complex power feeds
> that an external supply would imply.

  Nobody ever said that Anime was _practical_!


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