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>I have my eye on the Macross YF-21 kit made by Kaiyado, but I have
>about it, since it is a resin-cast kit, and I've never constructed one

My advice is, if you really want it. Buy it. And then sit on it [not
literally] till you've got some experience. With garage kits, they can go
out of production fairly quickly, and you could have a long wait till they
make more if it has done.

>Do you need to paint resin-cast kits?

Yes. And you need to prime them as well. [*Yes, you do*] Acrylic paint has a
tendency *not* to stick to resin even after it's been washed in warm soapy
water. This can be seen in two ways.
1) The paint does not stick while it's being applied
2) The paint comes off if the model gets knocked after the paint has dried.

>Is there glueing involved?

Yes. Cyano-Acrylate is good, and I suspect Epoxy is as well. Gel-type CA is
better than normal CA because it doesn't run...

>And, if you
>have any tips on the subject, could you please add them to the awnsers?

You'll need
1) small drills
2) bits of metal - pins, paperclips, etc - to pin major parts together. I
didn't do this on one of my earlier ones and when it fell over, it broke at
the waist.
3) files, sandpaper/emery cloth/boards
4) A good craft knife.
5) Plasters
6) Some sort of filler [Milliput is good]
7) Did I mention plasters?

And things that would help are
1) An airbrush
2) Surfacer - resin kits can be covered in lots of little pin holes...

A lot of the techniques can be learnt on very simple kits - in deed, many of
them can be learnt on kits you don't have to assemble [cleaning up parts,
using filler and the like]
But it's best to start with cheap kits first: SD is good...

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