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Doc (
Thu, 18 Mar 1999 18:30:07 +0800

Gundam CCA has probably one of the best uses of musical score in the
history of MSG. Being the first real Gundam movie, it featured vastly
improved use of music over the earlier tv-series. For those who have
seen it, remember how the music peaks when Amuro brings the Nu Gundam to
combat for the first time?--shooting those bolts from his beam cannon,
surprising both Keyla and Lezun and causing Neo Zeon's preemptive strike
force to a quick retreat.

And of course, I remember getting goosebumps when the Re-GZ, piloted by
Keyla, gets rolled out into the La Cairum's launch catapult to lead
Londo Bell's assault against the Axis!
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