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On Wed, 17 Mar 1999, Der UberHanyok wrote:

> >> It's also suggested that *everyone* is Newtype to some degree, but that
> >> most have yet to "awaken" to this fact and develop their Newtype
> potential.
> >
> > Which is about the only fruitful idea to come out of Gundam-X, further
> >weakened though by the fact that GX is a UC-wannabe show.
> >
> see! it didn't completely suck! hah!

Actually, no one ever said it completely sucked. What people said was it
was one of the worst Gundam series. True, GX's attempt to distinguish NT
and psychics was one of the interesting part of the show, but it was
obscured by 1) it didn't take place in same universe as other Gundam shows
with NT in it 2) It wasn't directed by Tomino, so it came out as fannish
invention. (Mind you , GX was the only Gundam shows directed someone
other than Tomino to have NT in it).

> and uh, I'm kinda unfamiliar with the
> terminology here: UC? huh?

Main universe of Gundam is called "Universal Century" timeline. This is
the all the other shows with NT in it took place (it doesn't need to
though, like 0080, 0083, and 08th Team)
Hense "UC"

GX, OTOH took place in a universe called "After Wars" timeline. While the
technology was similar, it took place in alternate universe. There are
few other alternate universe as well; "Fight Century"(GG), and "After
Colony"(GW, GW:EW)

One of the interesting part of Turn-A Gundam is it will supposedly be able
to "tie everything together", but we are yet to see how Tomino is going to
do this...


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