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>Where there ever a procedure for detecting and assaying a potential
>Newtype? I mean Amuro was tag as a newtype after all of his amazing
>display of abilities. I supposed that the Flannagian Agency have
>some way of testing the possible newtype, and a sets of accelerated
>courses designed to fully realize their potential, like Lalah Sun.

Throughout the original series, Amuro is tagged as a Newtype because no one
can explain how he does what he does any other way. No one knows what
"Newtype" really means -- is it ESPer? is it Enlightenment? is it
Evolution? -- but they know it's some sort of superhuman ability.

Compare UFO sightings. People have seen something strange and amazing, but
they can't really describe it. Now you see something strange and amazing
that also defies description and doesn't fit in with anything else you
know. It must be a UFO, then.

>We were not shown how they happened to know that Lalah is a newtype.

Lalar Sun was identified as a Newtype by Anton Flanagan himself. How he
made this determination is never revealed. Since Psycommu operates under
the direction of Newtypes and Flanagan built the Psycommu, we can safely
deduce that whatever mechanism the Psycommu uses to operate the Bits
qualifies as a Newtype detector.

>We are also shown that a Newtype can detect the presence of another
>Newtype, and the reaction is much stronger in the more powerful ones.

It's also suggested that *everyone* is Newtype to some degree, but that
most have yet to "awaken" to this fact and develop their Newtype potential.

But yes, other Newtypes function as living Newtype detectors....


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