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On Tue, 16 Mar 1999, Edward Ju wrote:
> You obviously haven't watched 0079 in a long time and time is playing
> tricks on your memory. There are so many OST CDs released for the Gundam
> TV series and movie trilogy, how can you say there is NO background music?

I was actually admiring the sounds of some new anime and cartoons, that
got me thinking about Gundam sounds, so I went to played some of the old
tapes again before I wrote that. The audio tracks contained the following
1. human voices
2. engine noise of White Base, capital ships (low pitch)
3. engine noise of Core Fighters and other fighters (high pitch)
4. serveral different sounds for MS
5. weapon sounds: beam rifle, beam sabre, laser turret etc
6. collision sounds: MS or ships landing, weapon clanking, explosion
7. the little melodic alarm siren in the White Base

I think that's about it. That's about all you hear in the whole series.
The closest thing to background music is that melodic alarm sound. But
DAMN! This alarm sound can still quicken my pulse after all this year :-)

The CDs are a totally different matter, fine music and all that. But you
can't play the CD to "sound"-over the old animation, can you? As another
example, Evangelion's got great theme songs playing at the beginning and
end of each episode, but the sound effects in the animation is only so so.

BTW, what's OST?

> It would be unfair to compare 0079 to its sequels, since it obviously was
> an unproved show that didn't have the strong financial backing (i.e. BIG
> budget) all the sequels had access to.

It's so totally fair to compare 0079 to anything that I want! It would be
unfair to trash 0079 for it, but I didn't.

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