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>> that's one of the reasons I'm taking a japanese class next semester...
>> subtitles only tell what's being said, not what's being _said_... better
>> than dubbed tho.
>Well good luck! ^^ Its harder for a non-asain like yourself to learn
>Japanese so expect lots of Difficulty early on..if you tend to watch lots
>of anime it'll speed up your education by quite a bit...but dont expect to
>understand much Japanese until your 3rd year or so. If you ever do get
>to the point of Good-Excellent Understanding of the language, you'll see
>that most sub-titles dont do the dialog justice..except for certain cases
>that is ^^

I've been studying Japanese formally (and intensively) for three years now,
and informally for many years before that. I agree that some background in
anime can be helpful in the beginning, but it can become a great hinderance
later on, when you have to actually start talking like a normal person.
Nearly all of the anime fans that began the program here were gone by the
second year. I'm not sure what that says, except maybe that wanting to
understand anime better is not sufficient reason to sustain interest in
learning a language... For my own part, issues of translation and
linguistics have sustained my interest much more than being able to
understand (better at least) some anime I occasionally find time for.
I know what you're saying since I've been studying for about the same
amount...But I admit
I have an advantge to most people when it comes to Japanese. I'm Korean ^^
korean and Japanese share the same sentence structure and 1/2 the vocab
sounds almost the same so I could usully wing thru a conversation even if I
dont know some words. as for the Knowing the anime part, the
only thing that I find that's bad for people that learn it is that they're
used to the 'base' form of the language,
not the Neutral Polite that is usually taught at schools. On a positive
note, the number of instances where
even a Gaijin will actually be forced to the Neutral polite isnt as high so
they'll be able to overcome this
problem after a year...but you have to admit it gives you an edge when it
comes to pronounciation, new vocab,
and structure ^^

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