[gundam] Beam Naginata

Dafydd Neal Dyar (ddyar@real.com)
Tue, 16 Mar 1999 14:51:34 -0800

I had occasion to check out the MG Gelgoog and got something of a surprise.

We've been classifying the double-bladed beam weapon as the beam naginata
and the single-bladed weapon as the beam saber, but that's not what they
show here.

The same double-bladed weapon is identified as BOTH a beam saber and a beam
naginata! The difference is not the double versus single blade, but the
TYPE of blade.

The Gelgoog beam saber has two straight lance-like blades. The beam
naginata has two flat bolo-like blades.

In effect, the Gelgoog beam saber is two standard beam sabers joined at the
hilt and the beam naginata emulates the real thing, except that it has a
blade at both ends, not just one.

I can't tell from this whether it carries one of each weapon or two
dual-purpose weapons that can be either a beam saber or a beam naginata,
depending on how you "set" the blade. The latter would make more sense,
seeing as how there doesn't appear to be anything other than blade type to
distinguish the two.


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